About Elderly Educate Technology

Welcome to Elderly Educate Technology

Do you own a tablet computer but are not sure how to use it properly? Do not want to rely on someone else for help? Then, Elderly Educate Technology is here to help.

Elderly Educate Technology was made, by David Tonge – a student at the University of Salford, to help you understand your technology and show you what more you can do with it.



Elderly Educate Technology will show you how to use popular online tools, such as Email; Facebook and Skype. It will also educate you on ways that it can make your life better. Easy to follow videos and written instructions will guide you around these tools so that you can learn at your own pace.

To start learning how you can use your tablet, please press on the blue ‘How to Use’ Guides buttons at the top of this page. Choose what you would like to learn how to use first. It is recommended that you start with Email.