How Technology can benefit you

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Using Technology can be good for you

Using technology, such as Email; Facebook or Skype, has been proven to reduce loneliness in older people – by creating the feeling that they are more in touch with people (particularly their family) who they might not see very often, and can’t easily go and see.

It’s good if you’re feeling a bit lonely, or a bit out of touch

It is important to keep in touch with family and friends, which can be easily done using an online platform, so that you still feel like you are part of their lives – if you can’t see them in person. Contact with family and friends, either by sending messages and pictures, or speaking to them (either by just hearing them, or seeing them on your tablet screen) will also improve your general wellbeing – as you will look forward to having a conversation with your loved one, and will like knowing what they’ve been up to, and that they’re still thinking of you.

It’s good for your brain

Using your tablet regularly, for something like Email; Facebook or Skype, has also been proven to be good for you brain – as you will have to think about what you’re doing, and what you want to say – keeping you mind going.


The Elderly Educate Technology team

I like using Facebook

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I like using Facebook

I like using Facebook, because I can use it to talk to my family and my friends who can’t always come and see me. I know that they’re thinking about me, because they send me messages and pictures, telling me how they’ve been doing and what they’ve been up to – which I like.

Facebook lets me see what my family and my friends are doing; who they’re seeing and what they like to do and watch. It’s good to use, as I don’t need to message someone to know what they’re doing, because I can see what they’re doing and write comments (I don’t feel like I’m bothering them, as much, that way).

I feel like I’m more in touch with people, using Facebook, because I can see what everyone is doing, and where they were (because of the pictures and videos they put on) – so I feel like I’m more of a part of their lives.


Written on behalf of Jack, aged 83, an Elderly Educate Technology user.

I like using email.

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I like using email.

I use email to keep in touch with my family and my friends, who I don’t see very often – because they live away. It’s good to know what they are up to, and what they’ve been doing, and I like to see pictures of what they’ve been doing and where they’ve been (like where they’ve been on holiday.

My family and friends can’t always find the time to come and visit me, because of how far apart we are, so it’s good to know that they’re doing okay and that they’re still thinking of my – sending me emails asking how I am and what I’ve been up to.

I like using emails, because it saves my family and friends a lot of time, because they don’t have to come and see me – because they tell me they’re alright. I also like using email because I feel like I’m not bothering people who I email, because they don’t always feel like they need to come and see me, if they’re busy.


Written on behalf of June, age 78, and Elderly Educate Technology user.