How to use Email Guide

What is email?

Email is an online message sending service that also allows you to send messages and images to other people. 


Why use email?

It will allow you to send messages back and forth to your family and friends, so you can keep in touch with them.

Old men using a tablet for email


Here we will learn how to create an Email account

Gmail is a good and simple service to use. The following instructions, and video, will tell you everything you need to know about how to make an account with Gmail.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Enter your First and Last Names, in the 2 areas on screenClick the grey, “Next” button on screen.
  2. Enter your birth details and your Gender, in the areas on screen. Click the grey “Next” button on screen.
  3. Choose your email address. Type in your names, in the box on screen. If the account name is not taken, simply click the grey “Next” button. If the account name is taken, click on one of the options on screen, then click the grey “Next” button.
  4. Think of, and enter, a password (a secure word, that you will have to enter whenever you want to use Email). Click the grey “Next” button.
  5. Enter your phone number, if you have one, then click the grey “Next” button. If you don’t, then click the “Skip” button.
  6. Keep pressing the grey “More” button, until you reach the bottom of the ‘Privacy and Terms’ screen. Click the grey “Next” button.
  7. You will now need to check your details, to make sure that they are correct. Once you have done that, click the grey “Next” button.

           Your Email Account is now created.

Why you should use email

It is a really good tool that you can use to keep in touch with people who you might not see regularly, such as a long-lost friend or someone in your family who’s moved away. By sending them an email, you can instantly let them know how you’re doing, or let them know that you’re thinking of them.


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